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Destiny's Garden

Herbs, Edible Blossoms, Wild Foods, Heirloom Vegetables

 About Destiny's Garden...

Destiny's Garden Herbs sprung forth from the fertile backyard soils of an Iowa home, then grew into a small but successful business after multitudes of requests from friends and neighbors to share the bountiful harvests. Since those early days in the 1990s, it has come to be recognized for top quality herbs and the finest organic produce not found elsewhere and her owners are known for their originality, integrity, kindness and creativity. 


In Spring of 2012, Destiny's Garden made her grande comeback! With new techniques, more raised beds, several new heirloom varieties of edible blossoms and vegetables it was an extraordinary year for Destiny's Garden and those who have eagerly awaited her return. Herbs, flowers, wild foods and other produce are available to local restaurants, retailers or individuals by email or phone request (free delivery in Cedar Rapids on orders of at least $15).


We promise to make available to you -- either at a storefront, farmers market, retailer, favorite restaurant or even to your door -- the highest quality organic herbs, edible blossoms, wild foods and heirloom/unique vegetables possible at the most reasonable prices anywhere in the area. We often sell at wholesale prices to the general public, primarily because we believe so strongly in what we are selling. We stand behind each and every thing we grow; we want you to be ecstatic about your purchase and all the information we give along with it. We don't just sell you the herbs or produce, we will educate you in the best ways to store, clean, prepare and serve them and pride ourselves in being available even after the purchase to answer any questions you may have.


We also offer Wild Foods workshops, hikes and education. Please reach out via the contact page for further information! 

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