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Destiny's Garden

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Thoughts on Spring and Life

Posted by Kimberli on 11 January, 2015 at 16:35

Whew! Its a balmy 31 degrees right now. This is spectacular in comparison to the -45 frigid air we experienced last week, and we actually enjoyed some time stomping in the snow this afternoon. In an attempt to be more space-efficient, we even measured the garden plots so we can make accurate (and hopeful) plans as to how much of this and that to plant. Heck, we might even stick to the plans!

I was looking through photos from last year and smiled when I saw this...

Here in Eastern Iowa, the Duchman's Breeches (above) are a great indicator that it is morel mushroom time. Its a spring epemeral flower that is so fragile and beautiful -- I get to excited every time I see one that I have to stop and just look at the natural, intricate artistry of each little pair of pants and fern-like leaf. Such a remider to stop and be mindful of the beauty around us all the time, and be thankful to our Creator for the little things, the things that are real.

The spring epemerals are also a visible reminder as to how fleeting this life on Earth is. One of the places I enjoyed finding the dutchman's breeches, morels, spring beauty, wild geranium and other harbingers of spring was Camp Hitaga in Eastern Iowa. Each spring for the past several years we have had the honor and thrill of hiking her paths and sleeping under the wide expanse of starry skies along the Wapsipinicon River. These past year, however, the difficult and painful decision to sell that precious piece of history and magic presented itself. The property was sold and goodbyes to such experiences were necessary. We will cherish the memories we made there for our lifetime.

It was at Camp Hitaga that I met Martha Lawrence. A spitfire and kind soul, always full of light and kind (and quite honest) words for everyone. Shortly after Christmas that brilliant light faded from us, and Martha left to be free of all pain and sorrow. Yesterday we said goodbye to her.

Remember -- life is short, precious, fragile and fleeting. Cherish it and those you've been blessed enough to cross paths with. We're thankful to be part of your lives in any small way.

Have a precious day.


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