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Destiny's Garden

Herbs, Edible Blossoms, Wild Foods, Heirloom Vegetables

Photo Gallery

2013 2013 Scallop Squash with Blossom Such a yummy squash! This one actually mutated from the yellow scallop it was supposed to be (or the guy who gave us the seed mismarked them). Either way, the fruit was delicious at all stages and the blossoms were drool-worthy when stuffed & grilled. 186853791 The Farm Our big herb plots where we grow most of our annuals. This was taken early in the season before we got so swamped we forgot to take pictures. 186853793 Purple Beauty Heirloom Pepper Not the biggest bell pepper on the block, but certainly the most showy and very productive. Flavor was a bit sweeter than a green bell and the fruit was purple from the start. They'll definitely make a comeback in 2014. 186853796 Rainbow Carrots These were the most earthy, delicious carrots I'd ever eaten. To be honest, we just mixed all the leftover heirloom carrot seed together and planted them. The result was colorful and tasty. Even had enough to share a few with the neighbors. 186853794 Burgundy Okra We love okra, especially pickled. But these plants were showy and the blossoms tropical looking and so interesting. We'll be sure to grow more next year. 186853795 Opal Basil mutated Seems this was the year for mutations in the garden. But that's good sometimes -- this basil plant and one other were freckled with purple all season long. Very pretty. 186853792 Opal Basil This has to be one of our favorites. The color is gorgeous, the flavor a bit stronger than sweet or Genovese varieties. Makes a wonderful seasoning for vegetables, Italian dishes, and if you're brave, a purple pesto or basil jelly. Yum. 186853798 Cinnamon Basil Blossom ...and if you look closely, there is a little "friend" on one of the blooms! 186853797 Basil Sprouting Opal basil and Genovese basil sprouting, Spring 2013 188675530 First rows at the farm, Spring 2013 188675531 Edible color! Pansies & violas with a few other spring ephemeral blooms -- all edible, color spectacular! 188675532 Ahhhhhh-sparagus! The asparagus went insane in 2013 -- so 2014 should be a remarkable year for this delicious vegetable. 188675533 Violets Spring violets have several edible parts, including the petals and young leaves, shown here... we like to candy the blossoms. 188675534 Chocolate Mint In the spring it looks so innocent... then throughout the summer the aromatic and delicious Chocolate Mint sprawl everywhere. It is a joy to brush past them on a summer morning. Mmmmmm. 188675535 Wild Strawberry During our spring 2013 hikes we spotted many young strawberry plants. The best berries we've ever tasted, but *tiny*! 188675536 Violets Our land hosts several different colors of edible violets. Its fun to see where they pop up in Spring! 188675537 Morchella esculenta I see you hiding in there, morel! 188675538 Nice bunch of morels (morchella esculenta) One of our favorite times of year is MOREL TIME! 188675540 Hello, friend! Eastern Painted Turtle near the wetlands by Seminole Park, Cedar Rapids, IA 188675541 188675542

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